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Re: Sharpening scissors

Speaking of sticks... Great system for sharpening scissors. I have used everything imaginable on scissors, but 99% of the time I am using sticks. The Spyderco unit has a an insert set for scissors. If I don't have the Spyderco around, or need a coarser cut I will often brace a typical stick set at about 45 degrees, and I normally get a good edge from the stick that is nearest horizontal. You do want to be careful you aren't messing up the angles anything two much, so a quick eyeballing will tell you whether you should run it.

Since scissors are always cutting at a specfic point, rather than using the whole edge at once. The fact that sticks can follow dips and points, and don't sort them out as a flat stone would, is not much of a problem.

Other maters relating to scissors tend come down to setting spring in the blades, on fine point units; dealing with uneven wear in the hinges, and peening or adjusting the screw.

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