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Wiley - Knife Updates?

david weaver
Wiley - have you taken receipt of either of your new wares?

I know you're not the kind of person to boast, but I've located something I've been trying to find and am waiting for it (a regular tidioute congress - thankfully, they have not escalated in value).

Curious given that I know you have fine taste.

Separate and aside, I noticed that tidioute claims that they temper 1095 either 55-58 or 56-58. I vaguely recall having a discussion with George about this, because you can tell such things aren't true pretty easily when you're using natural stones.

I know it's not your objective, but I've noticed that most non-standard pattern tidioute knives (and northfield) appreciate significantly. I don't think the #48 that you bought is a standard pattern, so it will go out of production and give you the warm and fuzzy feeling when the market price begins to go up. The overhead view of the link that you showed us showed very tastefully beveled blades - a detail that some probably won't appreciate, but it sets them apart. Queen does the same thing, but they are sort of smudgy and not crisp.

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