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Re: Sharpening Serrated Knives..OT

My take on serrated kitchen knives is this: they are for cutting on plates, in frying pans and other surfaces that will kill the edge of a non serrated knife. The points are dulled, of course but the sharpness between the points continues to cut. These can benefit from honing, though making the points sharp is counterproductive.

A secondary use is bread knives, which need the points to stay sharp. They should be used only on a proper cutting board. These get a more careful sharpening, including the points.

Beyond these two, serrations appear to be a desperate attempt to allow for the use of inferior Steel in domestic cutlery. These get relegated to duty as gardening tools.

I'll not comment on combat knives, specialty marine or diver' s knives or the like, as these are beyond my experience or interest.

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