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One can make pistols, the license for pistols and things like the AR is pretty tight, you can basically only use them on a range. And not a home range either. So it isn't worth it to me to make that stuff, I would do it if there was some practical outlet, and have made rifles, though I traded them all away when the kids came, and for other reasons didn't see the future in them.

There is an antique exemption of sorts, but it is also pretty tight. It does not apply to versions of old designs newly manufactured.

Canada has one of the lowest murder rates, we are 167th which puts us behind a few states like Japans, and some islands that are mostly inhabited by extended families (and a large number of states with virtually identical rates). We have the second least restrictive gun laws after the US, not counting failed states like say Iraq. So you can understand why they feel the need for some very tight controls...

I agree with you, David, while some people seem to like using straight razors when they have the time, I use them because they save time, and work better. And in a world of expensive cartridges you can set up with a razor and 100 blades for what 3 blades of the kind Adrian Brody uses cost. And that is without the need to sharpen at all.

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