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Re: Perhaps the one sharpening thing I never bough

Probably anything that will touch the tops will help to some extent. The normal steels don't have the right cutting action to cut when one runs down them. But abrasive rounds or triangles do.

This is the Spyderco serration, and you can see how deep the small wheel cuts are. That is the challenge that the triangles are designed to fully meet. Most serrations I have dealt with are less acute.

I have used a variety of the stick sets, and made a few for others out of the parts LV sells. My favourite is the Spyderco for it's super fine rods, I prefer round rods overall as on the Lansky. The Lansky gets the most use, as I often get knives that someone has let go a little too much, the grey rods are just abrasive enough to make getting them back from dull to reasonably efficient. But these days there are a lot of providers out there. You can also buy the Lansky rods without the sharpener

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