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david weaver
I find a lot of tom's posts kind of vague.

His list is still only about a third as accomplished as George is, though - except you don't have to make anything up on George's list.
* made two pistols, sold one to one of the dupont's kids
* made two cannons
* restored machine tools
* worked as a jewelry die maker
* worked as an instrument maker
* worked as a toolmaker
... (this list would be about 50 things long)

(and there are places I'd use a scythe once a year instead of a string trimmer 10 times if I had enough land).

Funny, looking at the straight razor thing now with the beard comment, it seemed reasonable at the time because even if you have a beard, you still have to shave.....and the kind of shaving that you have to do is best done by.....a straight razor.

To the extent that someone wants to be mean spirited and troll, though? good for them.

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