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Re: HAck saws - whatever floats your boat
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Jigs for float-making? ()

I found making the edge float easy, but the ones where you file the whole face of the piece of metal are hard to make without rounding. I tried my usual trick of "always be hollowing" but it still came out mostly rounded. I always mean to finish the job by setting up on the mill, but I get by so motivation is lacking.

There are several levels of float need:

- There is the need to make good planes - floats not needed.

- There is the need to make planes as they were intended to be make - a few floats needed

- There is the need to make planes efficiently with clean surfaces all over.- Need a lot of floats.

- The above and make all kinds of planes - all of the floats are needed.

I have found you can get remarkably far with hack saw blades, consider you are on a desert island, and you need to make some great planes to build a boat, and all you have for floats is one very narrow edge float in both push and pull variation, and maybe the means to gang them.

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