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Who Else Bought "Wiley's Knife?"

david weaver
Talking about the Fallkniven knife with the powder steel blade.

I found one on ebay for $76 new, and received it over the weekend.

The powder steel is interesting, and they put the tiniest microbevel on the knife and it actually arrives sharp - and it's hard, too. I accidentally forgot that it was stainless (I remembered it being powder carbon steel for some reason) and sharpened in on the washita, and it took quite a nice edge.

I put it under the metallurgical scope before sharpening it, just to see how it looked. It, too, has "modern bubbles" in the steel, but who cares? It's an interesting little very light weight knife with a dandy blade on it.

I don't think it will unseat the Tidoute Wall Street for pocket space, though.

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