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Re: Super article by Steve Voigt in PW...

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
First off, agree with John, that Steve wrote an article to save and keep. Also, that John is a supreme craftsman (anyone who hasn't been there, go to his website to see the stringed instrument bows).


John, it sounds like you are pretty well locked into the plane's geometry, given that you have the plane in your hands, and perhaps the iron. I have a small single-iron smooth plane (C&W, 2005). Look at the last two photos in this Flickr album, for an overall shot and then a wedge shot:


Be glad to provide further photos or dimensions if they will help. NOte that the plane's abutments taper to nothing, into the corners of the mouth. Accordingly, the horns of the wedge are flush with the abutments all the way down, so as not to impede the shaving, and so they taper to nothing as well.

For what it's worth, the plane is 5-3/4" long with a 1-1/4" iron, bedded at 55 degrees. The wear is 17.5 degrees off vertical, and the upper escapement(?term?) is 25 degrees off vertical.

Lemme know if You need something more specific--like the plane to examine!


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