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david weaver
I'd echo Steve's sentiments. I made an edge float (even then, if you don't have a proper setup, you make concessions on heat treating). I heated the first two inches of my edge float).

After filing the first two inches on a bed float, I called my parents and the topic of Christmas gifts came up and I got the side, bed and cheek floats from Lie Nielsen (that may be a decade ago now, they had just come out and you could still find gray market retailers and get a few bucks off). The LN floats are really spectacular tools that work well and file easily, and you can build other specialty tools to supplement them if you need an oddball (skew edge float, etc).

Like everything else LN, I'll bet you could use them for 10 years, and then resell them for a very large % of what you paid.

I'd still make a cheek float if I hadn't gotten a gift, but side and bed floats, no way - perhaps a version with only a short run of teeth and only that part hardened so as to have some stability.

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