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Super article by Steve Voigt in PW...

John Aniano in Central NJ

Fantastic article you wrote for Popular Woodworking!

I know it's been referred to in previous posts below, but I thought I'd thank you personally, in sort of a very public manner...

I read it once, then again, and several more times to get all the steps in my head. You did a very thorough job, super readable, and explained several points I had always wondered about. Now, thanks to your article, and armed with this new found knowledge, I feel confident in making replacement wedges for those "project" planes that follow me home.

For a start, I've got a cute 4-1/2" boxwood coffin smoother that needs a proper wedge. But it is a single iron plane. Can you point to some resources to best deal with the plane's mortise and wedge geometry for single iron planes vs. the double iron versions
your article describes?

Thanks again!


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