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steve voigt
Not to discourage you at all, but making a side float with files is somewhat daunting. My usual advice is that edge floats are worth making rather than buying, side and cheek floats are iffy, and bed floats should definitely be bought rather than made (unless you have a mill or metal shaper). After a couple hours the filing really gets old.

The biggest difficulty with side/cheek/face floats is hardening them. There is vastly more surface area on the toothed side, which means the two sides cool at different rates, and that sucker will look like a banana when you pull it out of the quench bucket. Been there, done that. The best solution I've heard of, from Jim Hendricks, is to make two floats and wire or clamp them together, teeth facing in, when you heat treat them. But that's twice as much filing. Alternatively you could clamp the float to a dummy piece. That's how Auriou keeps their rasps straight--it's in one of their videos.

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