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Japanese saws (FWIW)

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi all,

Dunno why it should be, but every Japanese rip saw I have, and that would be a bunch, has negative rake. This is true from a 3ppi, 420mm Mitsukawa to a 32ppi, 180mm Yataiki rip dozuki. Includes ryobas, tatebikis, and panel saws--everything. My favorite dovetail saw is a 240mm Yataiki, which is filed like a 210mm with 22ppi (21tpi), and at least 5 degrees negative rake.

Of course, with all these saws, as has been said on these pages many times before, you hold the saw firmly but lightly, like eating a peach, and let the saw do the cutting. No crowding the cut.

For dozukis, the Japanese saw tends to be thinner than western equivalents--rip or cross dozukis 0.012" plus very little set, and tends to have more teeth. Perhaps those factors allow negative rake. But that doesn't explain why the larger and coarser-toothed saw also have negative rake. Seems a mystery.

We mostly talk about planes here, but saws are very complex creatures, with many different filings used.



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