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Re: Lie Nielsen or Veritas Dovetail saw?

david weaver
I'm not sure how much fleam Mike put on, but I had a discussion early on when I was first learning to file and asked him if he thought 5 degrees of fleam on all dovetail saws was something worth doing.

That came up because I was switching from japanese to western saws at the time and wasn't satisfied with the ability of western saws to make a clean cut without stringiness (but a crosscut saw will do that fine).

I think mike was shooting for a milder amount in general, even if Derek's got more, and not something as significant as Harrell's hybrid.

I still don't think it's a bad idea to add fleam to a dovetail saw, but I don't remember to do it and in reality, once you start sharpening your own saws and get them all set up properly, only the carpenter rip saw is one that gets a frequent refresh. Which is nice, because the whole process on a rip saw to refresh is probably less than 5 minutes. (the back side of the cut quality that I was hung up on was similar to getting hung up on microns with sharpening goods - it only seems like it matters, and it rarely does with joinery saws. Maybe not never, but rarely).

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