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Re: Lie Nielsen or Veritas Dovetail saw?

North of the Border
I have used the Veritas saws (14, 20 & x-cut) extensively since their release and other saws (LN, Bad Axe, Rob Cosman, and others -- much less) for dovetails, tenons, and other day-to-day cuts.

Since they are all good functioning saws, there is NO difference in their sawing performance IF you have the proper sawing skills to start with. I can cut anything to the same or similar results with any of those saws. Therefore, your skills, not which of those saws you will pick, will determine your work. In a nutshell, assuming you are reasonably good at sawing:

if style and appearance are more important to you, pick the LN.
if budget is an issue, pick the Veritas (14 and x=cut) for the price of one LN's. I got the whole set of 3 because of the package deal.

If you can try them out, do it before making your decision.

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