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John Aniano in Central NJ
Hello Wiley,

Yes, many have called me a nut, especially when it comes to JS Bach! Some have just called me a nut...

I second your recommendation for the music of Bach. I especially like the Art of Fugue, one of his very last compositions. One of the pillars of western music, along with his solo violin Chaccone.

You should check out my other two favorite classical composers, Johann Pachelbel and Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck. Pachelbel wrote far more than the immensely overplayed (and over-rated?) Canon in D. I've studied many of his one page Fugues on the Magnificat. Worth looking for - they are superb little gems.

And Sweelinck (a few generations before JS Bach) wrote, in my option, another one of the pillars of western music, his Chromatic Fantasy in d minor (Dorian mode). I've included the link to an organ performance. Bach built on the shoulders of those who came before him!

Other than also enjoying the occasional repotting and trimming of bonsai trees and the usual gardening (weeding), I do like to go to my local flea market and search for old ww'ing tools.


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