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Re: The Hand Tool Mentality Spread Outside of WW-i

david weaver
Do have a garden. I am descended from farmers, I guess, but the mrs. limits the size, so I really push for as much as I can get out of it. Maybe 10 x 16? I'd love to have a bigger one and generally do everything in it by hand (turning the dirt, etc).

Thanks for the suggestion!

Friend of mine plants about half an acre (he converted a planter unit from an old corn planter). Only takes a fraction of what he plants out of it and gives up maintaining it in the middle of the summer. I asked him once what he does with the rest of the food, and he shrugged his shoulders and said they let it rot :\

My favorite tool for the garden (aside from a decent shovel) is a winged weeder (though only a small one due to my garden's small footprint. Deer are a problem here, as are rabbits.

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