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Re: Other things I am going backwards on-watches?

david weaver
Earlier this year, I got tired of looking at my phone to check the time. I have a horrible attention span when I'm not focused on something, and I've found that it's easy to go on a half hour bender with the phone when you're only looking to check the time.

So I started wearing a watch again, but generally have chosen to go with manual winds and automatics. As I always do (and this will probably lead to divorce eventually), i try to buy what i'm looking for used and then keep what I like and re-sell the rest.

Having stopped wearing a watch about 5 years ago, I forgot how much I like the simplicity of something that just tells you the time, and that's it. Finding something for reasonable that's in good condition and has no parts made in the third world hasn't been easy, though!

The strange thing about all of this is that it's the internet that's brought me back to all of these "old" things.

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