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Re: Lie Nielsen or Veritas Dovetail saw?

david weaver
I've not made a saw like the LV saw, but I have made a couple that are similar to the LN (but with a folded back).

I'd say that I'd choose (if I were you) the saw that more closely matches your choice in sawing from the start unless you file, and then it's either-or.

I understood the LV saw (without the tiny teeth) to have a 14 degree rake and LN close to zero, at least at one point. If you can file, you can make either of those work.

Not sure how new you are, but if you're not too new, you'll probably find 14 degrees to be too relaxed, and I think all people newer to the hobby will find zero to be too aggressive, and would probably prefer the slower but more easy going nature of the relaxed rake in the LV saw.

Personally, I'd avoid the 20 tooth saw because it poses a problem with files and is a nuisance to sharpen. Not necessarily difficult, and it doesn't matter if you file tiny teeth like that perfectly, but it's just small and more tedious.

Benefits of the two from afar (again, not the tiny tooth LV version here):
* ease of use if new - LV
* style - LN, by far (you might not care)
* price - LV
* speed (as from the factory) - LN

I've seen more than one person say they don't like the zero rake LN, so I do think that's important if you haven't used an aggressively filed saw.

Someone can correct me if they have relaxed the rake 5 or 6 degrees.

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