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Antique handtools *PIC*

This may all come down to, do what you want and can live with, but anyways...

I recently picked up a couple of tools that belonged to my Grt. Grandfather , and I am conflicted about how to properly or respectfully restore them.

I don't want to be that guy who gets a hold of a 19th century antique, and thinks restoring it means taking the belt sander to it !

I picked up an old Crosscut handsaw, with a smooth, intact handle that has three rivets ( no bolts) , and no visible makers medallion or stamp.

Also a Stanley Rule and Level co. Direct Brace.

Both are very functional, and I think need some serious rust removal.

The saw needs sharpening, and the handle rivets tightened. The brace is just rusty but the Head, Handle and chuck are working fine.

Is there some conventional wisdom from the hand tool aficionados here as to what is considered a respectful restoration? ( if there is such a thing ?)

Looking for some suggestions and opinions on how best to treat these tools.

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Antique handtools *PIC*
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