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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

"I personally have zero interest in something it is symmetrically identical and has completely lost the human element, but that doesn't mean I want to make something that looks like it would be in the berenstein bears tree house."

It is interesting that you are drawn to planes, as are we all, when they are the most dehumanizing tool in the box, potentially. Planes have several levels of function but making things identical and without the human element (screwing up) is pretty much what they do on some of those levels. Though personally I see a lot of human history, both tragic and otherwise as very connected to the idea of order, and all that jazz. Maybe jazz is the wrong term. I wouldn't call straight lines non-human, any more than mathematics would be, even though it is precise. Maybe it is another of the en-soi, pour-soi type dichotomies.

"I guarantee that as few of people as there are out there who like what I like, there are zero in my house (my wife would like for me to quit woodworking and just "buy stuff" instead)."

Maybe you should see if you can't find some kind of woodworking she would like to do with you:

Maybe you can sell her on the idea that sinking a 16 penny is like driving in golf?

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