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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

"The "maker" trend is growing so at the very least the next generations are working with tools :)"

I think that is probably true to some extent, both as you mean it: that Makers may move on to other things or at least continue to make stuff. And also because there isn't much of an entry fee to becoming a maker, everyone is welcome, so are successors can have dual citizenship from the get go, even if perhaps they didn't particularly seek it.

But in another sense makerism is the evil other. The basic concepts come from rapid prototyping, and the idea is that everyone can be a maker without any skill whatsoever. These are the people who will invent a technology that will 3D print furniture from parametric files (zero design skills) using extrudable lignin that bonds in a realistic wood structure and is indistinguishable from real wood, and where the depositions, as they are now in plastic, can be in real dovetail form, right down to the mediating glue layer. David can have his lumps and tool marks.

Makerism is a radical idea of going directly from ideas to things with all the actual making being done by machines, or other strategies. It is making free making. Which is, if you don't mind terrorists 3D printing viruses and one hopes doctors 3d printing the organs that are needed to repair the viral damage, is a pretty good idea.

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