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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

Norman (Ottawa, Ont.)
This phenomena can also perhaps be attributed to the advent of the Internet, smartphones, electronic distractions galore. Attention spans which are progressively shrinking with time? Information overload? If we look at craftsmanship, it involves copious amounts patience and planning. You have to be in a peaceful environment to be able to execute craftsmanship, an environment where one can focus and be free of distractions. This is becoming more difficult as time goes on. Computers, smartphones, etc. have infiltrated every aspect of life. Along with this is the barrage of advertising touting the merits of consumerism. So one needs to make a conscious decision to separate themselves from the current environment which is not conducive to craftsmanship. This is increasingly becoming an issue due to the pervasiveness of electronic gadgetry and reams of daily interruptions to wade through. I see this even at my age and I have lived through the "computer-free" era. Millenials don't stand a chance, they have been brought up in this culture and environment, a culture where interruptions are the norm. Not sure where I'm going with this but I foresee less hands-on craftsmanship in the future. So back to the original discussion, this leads to factory knock-down furniture and simple furniture becoming more common. There is hope. The "maker" trend is growing so at the very least the next generations are working with tools :)

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