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david weaver
Someone bought a kamisori from me, and these are really hard and with a relatively low angle (probably 64 hardness with an angle less than 20 degrees).


the only way I can get them sharp with certainty is to go through the sharpening routine for razors (an extra fine india followed by two japanese stones) and then follow that with a balsa strop and graded 0.5 micron chromium oxide.

This will be uncomfortably sharp for the purchaser, but that's sort of the idea.

Notice the little bit of rounding at the edge. Even chromium oxide will pull a little bit of a wire edge (and this stuff is much slower than the sticks that LV sells that are 70% or so aluminum oxide).

This sharpening routine takes about 15 minutes (from someone who takes probably 1 minute with a chisel), so it's not practical for tools.

You can get fascinated with the bevel on something like this because the chrome ox can make extremely small grooves, but the edge itself is just a little better and less ragged than it would be with a stone. There is still a little bit of finesse in this method. The scratches generally terminate before the edge, but you can see one that got there (and still see the edge behind it, so it didn't result in a nick, which is what happens with razors if grooves meet the edge). Nobody would ever notice on this razor if it got to the edge, though - it's still the kind of scratch you'd get off of a stone like an 8k king.

Bottom line, just a little better than a natural stone edge usually is, but can look a lot better.

Stropped on shell cordovan, no linen (that would widen the edge a little bit, which would be comfortable, but I'll let the buyer decide that).

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