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david weaver
Summary post for those who felt the verbiage was too long in the prior (i tend to get obsessed with details, and wrote the previous post right after taking all of the pictures and being short on sleep at the same time).

Washita edge - stropped with bare leather:

Diamond hone (ezelap 1200) after leather stropping:

Same hone after royal treatment with barbering linens (not practical):

Shapton 12k Kuromaku (japanese "shapton pro" version). Technically, scratches could be more uniform, but few carry all the way to the edge. Consequence of the amount of screwing around that has to be done to make this stone cut perfectly with no particle aggregation or contaminants:

Not really sure what the magnification levels are, as the scope that I received isn't the one I ordered - it's got more lenses on the turret than what i actually ordered. Probably 200x or so, and true 200x. No stone is going to produce invisible scratches unless they are below a half micron or so. I'll test this another day with graded shaving powders.

any requests for the edge from a specific type of stone? Indias, carborundum, coticules, japanese naturals, trans arks, black arks, honing films (boring)? oxides of various types (i've got them down to less than a tenth of a micron - also boring and a waste of time)?

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