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Searching WoodCentral

Patrick Chase
Full disclosure: In my day job I work for "a search giant", so I can't provide links.

With that said, and since this has come up twice in 24h, the best way I've found to search WoodCentral is to add a site restrict to your query. So if you wanted to search for stuff Warren Mickley has written about cap irons on WC, you might search for:

"warren in lancaster" "cap iron" site:woodcentral.com

The quotations around "warren in lancaster" and "cap iron" cause those to be treated as single search tokens (all-or-nothing matching) which further improves the results. Both quoting and the site: restrict work on all major engines.

Another forum's search function simply does exactly this - it takes the string you enter, tacks on a site: restrict, and sends it to a search engine.

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