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Re: '...something you could do...'

david weaver
Wiley, you're so observant. I did that on purpose, and someone much smarter than me clued me in on that - that guys like Roy don't show all of their cards on their TV shows for a reason - it only reaches the enthusiast audience if you do it, and demonstrating things in a more generalized manner will keep a lot more people interested.

George Wilson was the person who told me that. Exactly as I mentioned it - that you will be a lot more popular if you convince people they can do something (without them feeling the obligation to do it) than if you show something very difficult that they ponder whether or not they could do.

When I repeat that, it usually goes over peoples' heads but you snagged it.

Norm Abrams was expert at it, too. Not getting too far into things and losing people who may not actually want to do them.

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