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david weaver
And just as important as repairing errors is comfort with allowing yourself to make them.

I think our egos get in our way when we start woodworking later in life. We've got careers and failures behind us, and we take ourselves too seriously and think that we have to guard against the goal that some unknown mistake monster is trying to score against us.

We forget that we probably got to what we're good at (our day jobs, etc) with much learning and time spent making mistakes and learning from them. Why would woodworking be different? If we didn't ever take any risks at work or invest in ourselves, we probably wouldn't be very good at anything.

As uncomfortable as it may be to forge ahead sometimes, we have to just break through it - the error is always less bad than worrying about it (excepting really stupid errors that aren't part of reasonable practice or reasonable care).

I had a great deal of trouble with this for a long time. Now all I say to my self is if it's *that bad*, I can build another one.

The other thing that small mistake avoidance triggers is concentration on the wrong things. Visualizing good proportion and good design, cohesiveness of the different parts in making the whole, etc - we can only think of so many things at once. There's not a lot in art museums where someone blew it on the designs but had really tight tenons and really super glue lines.

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