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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

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It is true that Ikea pieces need more attention and care when moving them. The last time I moved, I took apart the assemblies if I could (bed frames, for example, storage cupboards, another example) and reassembled them. Over the years, we have given away some because the styles were no longer our liking rather than were thrown away because of failure. I have not come across any Ikea furniture failures due to its design or use of material. Of course, if it was veneered mdf and you treated it as solid wood, it could fail.

IKEA has been working on a new assembly system (a competition to the Domino Joiner connectors?). I don't know the release time-frame but it promises to simplify the assembly process and reduce its difficulty. IKEA products cannot be compared to high-end or custom furniture, but it serves a large segment of consumers so well that it is possibly the world's largest furniture producer.

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