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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

TM Stock
I think I speak from experience here, as I've been an Ikea customer for the past 30 years. I have had a bunch of Ikea stuff that has moved through the house and out to nephews, nieces, donated to the dump, etc. As long as the stuff is solid wood or wood laminates, it holds up decently other than the KD fasteners on bed frames, end tables, etc. that need attention on a routine basis. Much of the lower end stuff and nearly all of the casework has a fair amount of chipboard or MDF content that is a lot more delicate. Try moving one of those Melomine-covered chipboard wardrobes or bookcases...best to plan ahead and glue up the piece at assembly with polyurethane or similar, and waterproof the bottom 4" if anywhere near moisture.

Most youngsters will be fully satisfied with even the low-end stuff. We still have a few pieces in the house - some solid wood stacking end tables and a Euro size queen bed frame in the second spare bedroom that has only required repair a few times over the 30 years we've owned it, but then some couples are harder on beds than the average, so might have been trouble-free for others.

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