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Re: Millenials and craftsmanship

North of the Border
"the IKEA stuff with something that won't break in six months"
I suppose you used this description figuratively, because none of the IKEA stuff I have bought and still owned has broken, some as old as 18 years.

They include guest beds, night tables, bookcases/shelves, kitchenware and lights. All made in China, except a few in Europe.

I think people like to describe IKEA furniture this way, because it is mass-produced. When my son finished his college and moved out his apartment, he sold all his IKEA belongings still in good condition after 4 years, to new college kids looking for a good deal (mostly sold at 50% of what he paid for). I can imagine the new owners will sell theirs when they are done with it, 4 years later or so. In fact, lots of IKEA pieces are sold and resold on kijiji these days.

Most traditional furniture cannot be disassembled unlike IKEA's. Young people, more mobile than the old generations, seem to like the fact that they can take apart, say, a bed and transport it without incurring a heavy moving cost.

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