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Draw Knife Handles

Brian Holcombe
Hi All, I want to share with you and do so with permission the making of draw knife handles by John Aniano. If you'll recall I had fixed up a plane for John a while back, in return he made up a pair of handles for my draw knife (that he also had found for me :D ). I feel very lucky to be the recipient of such beautiful and masterfully done work and very happy to share the process here:

These handles are for a through tang, and are capped on the back. The draw knife is 1830-'s to 1860's hand made with a beautiful lamination line.

It starts innocently enough with a pair of fittings from the home center.

John then found this dapping block, and worked a sheet of brass into the required shape for the back of the handle

One tang was to short and to thin to be drawn out, so John extended the tang with silver solder over a scarf joint.

A material was chosen (pernambuco), fitted to the ferrules and then fitted to the tangs. They were rough turned at this stage.

John then details the top of the ferrule, each individually fitted to the tang.

John then finished turning the handles using a metal working chuck and a center of his own making. First to work the bottom end of the handle.

Then the remainder.

The handles are finish turned, then smoothed and finished. Next they're reapplied to the tangs.

Next the ends are peened.

Now completed and ready for use.

I hope that you enjoy following along. I do intend to post up a more detailed version of this for the blog, but thought I would share here first.

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