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Hide glue: What consistency is best?

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi all,

Some practical and useful technical points were made on hot hide glue in an earlier thread. One of them that struck me was that 192g glue has a longer work time (lower gel temperature) than I had imagined.

The amount of work time you have can be critical in deciding whether to use hot hide or room temperature liquid.

I seem to recall a remark made by Patrick Edwards, known for marquetry, where he is talking in a video about the consistency of the hot glue. He was saying to use a thinner consistency than you sometimes see recommended, along the lines of "you don't want the glue to get slow off the brush, because it's the water that's carrying the heat."

Question: For those who use hot hide, how do you gauge the consistency? I have seen recommendations that you want an unbroken column of flow off the brush, versus others who favor faster drops or slower drops. Or does it all depend on the situation?

The consistency you use seems to affect work time (time til gel), and I'm assuming the starting point is ~140F hot glue.

Thanks, Wiley

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