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Regluing Titebond and Liquid Hide joints - Deleted

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Surprised that Bill had chosen to delete his post because he felt frustrated with some of the responses from the advocates of the hide glue. I have not found them offensive, though their viewpoints are not for the use of TB glue for various reasons.

When we post something, we can always expect responses from others who hold a different or opposite stand. When I say I like to cut tails first, I know someone will come back with a pin theory. Some with facts and some with sarcasm. If I want to stand my ground or have one to stand on, I always hit back -- with facts or sarcasm, sometimes harder, depending on what responses I am addressing. Of course, I ignore those who troll or those deemed to be trolling. The last thing I would do is to delete my post or thread.

Bill has done a test and presented a result that anyone who buys into it can use. That is all the original post was about. He has never used hide glue (presumably) but he is not suggesting TB as a replacement of hide glue, is he? I use both and I won't be persuaded by anyone who tells me one is better than the other. I am the shop owner and I dictate what is right in my shop. Period.

There is no need for the deletion of the first post. Yes, if some replies were a bit blunt or not as courteous as they should be, that's the nature of Internet communication. I have seen much worse and if I were the receiving end, I know I wouldn't be the one who is ducking. Don't let anyone -- even if they were Sam Maloof or James Krenov reborn -- silence you. In any forum, you create a thread, you own the platform and you are the boss. Don't feel sorry for anything!

Now, Bill, please put that back so the latecomers can enjoy your wisdom (without going over to the Power Tool section).

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Regluing Titebond and Liquid Hide joints - Deleted
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