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Anyone else go to AWFS 2017?

Gary B.
Just got back from our industry show in Vegas. Most of it of course is geared towards industrial woodworking. Quality at a production pace. But in the far corner of the show, I noticed a few gems I thought I'd mention here. Of course, Lee Valley was there. But behind them, I also noticed Narex was there, as well as a company called Pinie. Pinie was the first booth I walked up to, as they had a demo of some wooden smoothers, the european style with the horn in front. I test drove it, as I've never used a wooden plane of that type before. They are from the Czech republic, and have been making tools since 1918. Now the tools are made with modern methods (CNC). During the conversation, I asked him about the skewed rabbet plane he had, and he gave me one as a sample! I was impressed by his generosity, and as such, thought I'd share my experience with it here. At first glance, these are interesting planes. They are not highly refined as you'd expect from a premium plane, but If I was to buy that skewed rabbet plane (their Skew Rabbet Plane PREMIUMPLUS), it would have been a mere $40 dollars (maybe the wholesale price??). For that price, I can fettle a bit. I think the fettling will be merely removing the machine marks on the bed, and tweaking the wedge slightly. I'll post more when I've used it a bit. Their website is Pinie.cz for reference.

Next to them was the Narex Booth. I spoke with the young lady there, and complimented them on their mortise chisels, which I own. She smiled and said it was great to meet a happy customer, then gave me a 16mm bench Chisel as a thank you! What a cool company.

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