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side table mockup *PIC*

Joseph Piotrowski
I started tossing around ideas and looking at 100's of side table like pieces to replace my folding tv tray that has been used as an table for ever.

so i wrote down some rough dimension culled a few ideas together and went into the shop and grabbed some construction grade pine and a few left over test cuts form some other experiment. the only real cuts i made where to rip a 1x3 in half and some work on the leg bottoms.

the leg bottom are 2 pcs of 1x3 glued together.
the side are 1x3 ripped in half.
there are two top rails ot teh legs of 1x3.
the top is a left over scrap from a practice cut of dados. i left it as is.
the self is 1x6

this took about 2 hrs of shop time across two days. i don't really fuss over the dimensions or flatting to any great level of tolerance. just a lot of big box wood screwed together. down and dirty.

so i place it where it will sit took a few pictures and will think about the design details for a day before writing them up. decide final dimensions and joinery.

i plan to make refinements to the pieces now that i can visually see it. overall i think it will be 2-4 inches wider.

the leg bottom will be about 1" shorter and the relief along the bottom will either be bigger or have two levels( cloud lifts?).

the top is planned out to have a 6/4 thickness and be back beveled 15 deg or so.

the top rails(table support/attachment pieces) will be narrower than the 1x3 and will be tapered down form the 3/4" thickness to 3/16 at the front.

it going to take a while to makes this with a lot of work travel coming up but it was a great exercise to get all the stuff out of my head and into the physical world. now to actually make it for real. the base will be African mahogany and the top will be something like spalted maple or birdseye or ribbon or something interesting.

thanks for looking,

Joe P

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