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Re: Suggestions for hanging saws.....

david weaver
I think there are brain types, and mine works different than an organized, planning, sequential person's would. I'm kind of interested in this sort of thing because I'm sure over time, we'll find out what anxiety, OCD, etc, is tied to (it may be tied to both if people are on the far ends).

Too much planning gives me anxiety and I get confused and literally start forgetting things. I pick a few things I won't settle on and then work with them and figure out the details on the fly (which is how I would complete something like a plane). I have to own the knowledge, I can't "borrow" it from someone else temporarily and use it effectively in sequence, if that makes sense.

My wife is on the other end where there is no amount of organizing that is too much, and it results in things I can no longer find (she will organize some of my things if she can get a hold of them, but she stays out of my shop because it overwhelms her).

I have read since learning what gives me anxiety and why that disorganized but creative people often have a complementary skill set to people who are very sequential and planning and who have great executive function. People who are great both ways are rare (I guess depending on where you set the bar for great).

I don't learn that well from other people, which is unfortunate. Sometimes the lack of being tied to a routine makes it so that I can solve unfamiliar problems very quickly, though.

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