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Re: You and I

Hank Knight
Roger, you and I arrived at the same place via different routes. My father gave me my interest in woodworking when I was a young kid. He, like David, had no organizational skills. In fact, I think he was constitutionally opposed to neatness and organization. When I would try to build something in his shop, I spent half my time clearing off a place to work an the other half looking for tools. It was enormously frustrating; and I swore if I ever had my own shop, it would have a place to put everything and that I would keep my work surfaces clear. I've kept that promise and adhere to it. The only time my shop gets really cluttered is in the middle of a project when I get too engrossed to put stuff away. Eventually, I get to a point where the clutter makes me want to scream. I stop there and clean up before resuming. It is a very calming exercise.

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