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Re: Suggestions for hanging saws.....

roger lance
I'm not sure why I'm more in the tidy/organized camp.....but, I do know there are some nature/nurture elements involved.

My mother use to kid me about a little toy ambulance that I had as a very young child and that I would take extreme care of this toy.....it survived in pristine condition until I was too old to play with it anymore and then it went off to siblings and its ultimate fate is still unknown (just part of family folklore).

I grew up working summers and weekends with my dad who was a housing contractor/builder. It was his habit to stop working before lunch about 15 minutes early so that the job site could be cleaned and extraneous tools put away and things could be organized for the afternoon. Then; at the end of the day; another job site cleaning, tool storage, reorganization session, etc. took place before going home.....thus, the job was readied for the next morning.

Another aspect of home/furniture construction is the design/planing stage where you are thinking of different approaches and different requirements and the best most effective way to do something.....like storing/displaying 5 saws above your bench in a given area where they can be easily accessed/safe/visible/ etc.....and not be in the way of the fixed electrical outlet.....be above the bench by some margin.....have enough room to lift the saw up out of its holder and get it back without hitting each other or the shelf unit above.....have a margin of space on the right side so that the saws look proper on their area....etc....etc....

I'm sure that when you build a plane you must be going through a similar process of exploring options and deciding on what you feel is the best solution given all the factors of which you are aware.

This same approach can extend to your shop also.....as you say.....things are changing.

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