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Scraper Planes

Chuck Bjorgen
When I finally learned how to set up my Stanley no. 80 cabinet scraper I was very pleased with its performance. Then, on another forum, someone suggested the Stanley no. 112 scraper plane was even better. Makes me curious about that plane but in researching the 112 I see asking prices on eBay for vintage 112's pretty high. Then checking both Lee Valley and Lie-Nielsen I see that both companies offer two or more such planes. The Lee Valley offering is $179 and seems attractive. The LN offering is a direct copy of the Stanley 112 and is priced similarly to asking prices for vintage Stanleys. LN also has one called a "Cabinet Makers Scraper" that is based on the Stanley no. 85 and I find that one mighty attractive.

So...I'm looking for recommendations on this type of tool. Price alone would lead me to the Lee Valley plane. Any thoughts?

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