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Rabot debout
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Warren in Lancaster, PA
Yes, good work Wiley. This is the kind of thing that makes translating old texts difficult for non speakers. For "rabot de bout", you look up bout but do not think to look up debout.

Five years ago Denis Chenard wrote on this forum:
Hard to read, but is seems that a "rabot de bout" refers to a short, high angle plane ....Makes a lot more sense than a low angle plane. Denis is from Ontario. I remember he was bowled over by the misspellings, odd usage, and the old fashioned type for s.

Diderot, who was contemporary with Roubo did spell it rabot debout. he writes:

The rabot debout is the plane whose iron is not inclined and is used for root wood, wood from the Indies, and other hard woods. Later Diderot says that the toothing plane (Le rabot denté) is also debout.

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