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No 6 Norris copy in process

david weaver
I can't bear to cut and paste posts, so this one is short like they should be.

Finally getting back to building infills after a 7 year layoff (maybe it was 6). Learning to use the cap iron took the fun out of making large boat anchors.

I had these metal parts laying around for a Norris 6 copy, and finally smashed them together this past week. The main objective is to get clean metalwork and try to make the dovetails disappear. The metal here isn't quite finished, just draw filed (and will need to be cleaned up after peening in the cross pins.

Thankfully, these metal parts aren't that thick, so the resulting plane won't be monstrously heavy. I hope it works as well as a stanley 4.

I'm done with buying purchased rough finished parts, though, because they never turn out quite right once you finish file them. This one is only as wide as the iron, so I will have to taper an already hardened iron to have some lateral adjustment.


I think a nice set of fresh good quality files to do the work is just about as nice as a freshly sharpened plane on wood. Very physically satisfying, and like working by hand, almost completely without risk.

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