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Re: Thanks everyone.......

david weaver
sounds like a solid plan to me.

I went upscale and used dowels :b (but the cabinet they're in was already there, and they were an afterthought when I realized the saws wouldn't fit in the till itself without things being cramped).

When the front tooth of my backsaws clanks into the concrete block wall sometimes, I think of a friend of mine who dutifully puts his plane down a certain way every single time, whether or not it interrupts work, and who wipes his planes about as often as he uses them. He'd be horrified...certainly the front tooth of some of those saws has lost its sharpness...

... but I've never cut anything with the front tooth on a saw, and they're on and off the pegs so easily.

If I didn't have so many saws, the pegs would just be on the walls with no till.

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