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Sgian Dubh
"I only have 5 such saws and do not intend to add to the collection which would certainly warrant a separate saw till.

Roger, last night I was going to (perhaps a bit cheekily) suggest hanging your saws on screws or nails sticking out of a convenient bit of wall or similar, but decided against doing so because my rather utilitarian approach to woodworking, tools, tool care, their storage and use doesn't always jive with some of this forum's visitors who may take a somewhat more reverential view of their woodworking equipment.

However, learning how small your saw collection is, smaller than mine, my screws/ nails in the wall suggestion is, in my opinion, back on. In truth, if you follow my idea your saw storage will be more sophisticated than most of my saws experience, e.g., chucked into my site bag, tossed on a shelf in my tool cabinet and/or cupboard, hanging off a clamp clamped to a ceiling joist in the workshop, bit of a muddle I guess, but every one of my saws is easy to locate and use (for me anyway) ha, ha. Slainte.

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