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Re: Suggestions for hanging saws.....

david weaver
They have a durability problem (at least compared to a western saw that you can continue to file until you're either out of files or out of saw plate), and I've built myself a couple of push saws and refurbished others.

I thought (and probably most do) that pull saws were easier to use for accurate joinery when I first started, but I became more acclimated to push saws when I started to dimension by hand because there's not much around in japanese saws that is good for ripping rough lumber. Custom made is an option, but that's very expensive.

Anyway, the accuracy issue went away with western saws, and I can now work faster with them, and last year, a friend expressed interest in the japanese saws. He was in the shop a short time later and I asked him if he wanted to just take all of the saws that were undamaged (i did keep an azebiki, but will sometime make a round tooth line saw to replace it, too).

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