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Re: Suggestions for hanging saws.....

William Duffield
I hang each of my backsaws on a single Shaker Peg, with a short row of them on a board, screwed to the wall behind the bench.

I would never hang saws, or any other tool, directly over the bench, because they get in the way of the project that is being maneuvered on the bench, and are easily knocked onto the work, or onto the floor, or onto my head. DAMHIKT, but it involved a trip to the ER and 11 stitches!

I also protect saw teeth (back saws, panel saws, and hand saws) with a grooved stick about 3/4" square that I attach with a mini-bungee cord. Use well-seasoned wood. I cut the guard about a half inch longer than the front of the saw plate. I find it is easiest to cut the groove with the table saw, or even repurpose a used push stick. One end hooks onto the heel of the blade and the other end (slightly modified to fit with a pair of pliers) hooks onto the back. Since the guards are all different lengths, to match the length of the saw teeth, I write a description of the saw they fit on both sides of each stick.

A lot of people will build a saw till to hold them, but I don't think that would work so well for me, since I often do woodworking away from the shop, and I would have to go look for the guards every time I put a couple of saws in my tool tote. Later, I would have to find a place to store the guards and bungee cords when I got back to the shop and put the saws away. This is not an insurmountable problem.

If you do build a saw till, make sure you make space in it for your saw vise, saw files and saw sets. You might also want to add pegs to the sides or bottom to hang your turning saws, coping saws, fret saws, etc.

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