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david weaver
Well, now you can make a panel raiser or a badger plane.

Good skew double irons are tough to find unless they are with a plane, and in that case, I just don't have the heart to rip the planes apart to rob their iron because they're usually in decent shape.

The other issue is that they're skewed for a badger plane, and if you try to stand them up more inside of a panel raiser, then the skew angle increases to something like 28 degrees and they blow out their abutments - a lesson that's learned most easily the hard way (a smarter way to make a panel raiser would probably to get one of the myriad of 30 euro badger planes and just attach a fence to the side of it to limit fielding.

That said, a skew double iron works fantastic and makes raising panels (or finishing that part after roughing with something else) really easy.

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