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david weaver
I have had prior dealings with this seller (I got a nice old buck branded norris 15 1/2 inch panel smoother from him in the past), which means I can get a hold of him outside of ebay, where he will work on price - this one was only slightly more than the A5s by the time we were done dickering.


By the way, on the bed angles, I'll check those tonight or tomorrow night, I'm not sure what they are. I'll admit that the advent of the double iron use has made me indifferent about small differences, and I try at this point to just not buy anything that's bedded above 50 degrees. I think these are all shy of that, they feel common pitch, but I understand that they were often bedded at 47 or something around there.

I know little about "proper" adjustment of these aside from the old shepherd spiers pattern panel plane kit I made (which I can't find a picture of), and these two norrises. I leave a little tension on when I adjust the irons, but not much - I guess that's goldilocks. I dumped the spiers kit ultimately because I didn't like the adjuster.

I'll take a picture of the planes, as well as the other few that I have, once the A1 panel plane arrives.

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