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joel moskowitz
I would not make that assumption about double irons. And on my particular plane as on most pre-war Norris's - especially ones with the original iron, if you set the cap iron too low the plane clogs.

I know very few people who think the Norris adjuster is anything better than passable but the appeal of the plane to most people I know who use them regularly is not how well it cuts when the iron is perfectly sharp and everything is perfectly tuned. It's how well the plane feels naturally in your hand, the feedback you get, and most important how well it performs when getting dull. Unlike a Stanley they don't start tearing out - they just get harder to push.

Freshly sharpened and decently tuned I would suggest that pretty much every decently made plane works nearly identically well.

What I would guess from your pictures is that your plane was hardly used. Probably as you said it needed work before being usable, but also because it might have been one of the planes made when Norris was dumping inventory in the 50's as they liquidated.

Postwar Norris's used Sorby irons, Sometimes marked Norris but I don't think all the time. They don;'t have the fit and finishe of the earlier Norris irons, but they aren't bad. It would not surprise me if the replacement blade you have was stuck there because a previous owner wanted to swap blades for another plane - one that actually worked.

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