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Chisel question on 'Messages'

Ellis Walentine
A fellow dropped by the "Messages" board, to ask about a set of chisels he had just aquired. Here is his message:

I am trying to find a little history on some Chisels that I came across and purchased for $100 in what appears to be the original box.
It is a set of 10 Merrill and Wilder Steel Socket Firmer Chisels.
My son works in the word working industry out in Portland, Or., and I thought he might like these as a birthday gift.

There is not much on the web about these chisels that I can locate. They seem to be in really great shape, with only a very small amount of surface rust in a few places as seen in the photos. Small amount of use bases on wood mallet dings on the chisel handles.

If you can give me any insight as to the quality and history of the chisels, it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

and here are the photos:

Any good info for him? I'll redirect the conversation over here....


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